Dallas schools are struggling to provide adequate security measures to ensure the safety of their students. Many schools in the area have experienced incidents of violence, bullying, theft, and vandalism. However, with the help of Guards On Call, Dallas schools can be provided with the necessary security measures to ensure a safe learning environment for all students.

The Importance of School Security

School security is imperative to ensure that students can learn in a safe environment. A lack of security measures can leave students vulnerable to violence, bullying, theft, and vandalism. These incidents can negatively impact a child’s mental health and well-being and can even lead to long-term effects.

In addition to protecting students, school security also helps to protect school staff. Without proper security measures in place, teachers and other staff members could be put at risk during school hours. This can lead to a high level of anxiety and stress, leading to a decrease in productivity and an increase in absenteeism.

How Guards On Call Can Help

Guards On Call is a professional security service provider that can help Dallas schools improve their security measures. With a team of highly trained and experienced security professionals, Guards On Call can provide schools with a range of security services, including:

  1. Uniformed security officers
  2. Armed security officers
  3. Undercover security officers
  4. Mobile patrol units
  5. Security consulting services

With a range of services available, Dallas schools can choose the solution that best fits their unique security needs. Guards On Call can tailor their services to meet the individual requirements of each school, ensuring that every school has the protection they need.


Q: How can Guards On Call help prevent violence and bullying in schools?

A: Guards On Call can provide uniformed or undercover officers to patrol school grounds and monitor students and staff for potential threats. This can help deter violent or bullying behavior and ensure that all students feel safe and secure while at school.

Q: Can Guards On Call provide security during after-school activities?

A: Yes, Guards On Call can provide security services during after-school activities such as sporting events, academic competitions, and other extracurricular activities. This can help ensure that students are protected during any school-sponsored events.

Q: Does Guards On Call provide security consulting services?

A: Yes, Guards On Call can provide consultation services to help schools assess their security needs and develop a plan to improve their overall security posture. This can include assessing risks, recommending security measures, and providing training for staff and students.


School security is crucial for students’ safety and well-being, and Guards On Call can provide the necessary security measures to ensure this safety. Whether it’s uniformed officers, mobile patrol units, or consulting services, Guards On Call has the expertise to help improve school security. By partnering with Guards On Call, Dallas schools can provide a safe environment for their students to learn and grow.