Guards On Call is a private security guard company in Houston, TX. We offer local Houston security guard services. Find TX protective services. All security officers, security guards, and private bodyguards are highly trained and professional. As one of the most trusted Texas security guard solutions companies, we offer 24/7 security guard support, unarmed private security guards, armed security guards, professional security personnel, and licensed protection officers. The types of security services we offer are construction site security, parking lot security, private security, loss prevention, and mobile patrol. Hire a security guard now. Free Consultations. Book Our Service Now!

Proven Houston TX Private Security

We supply our Houston TX clients with highly trained and exceptionally experienced security guards. Our guards include off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel who have unparalleled skills and training. From basic guard patrols to workplace violence mitigation, Guards On Call specializes in giving clients customized security solutions at an affordable rate.

Where/When You Need Houston TX, Private Security

Guards On Call is not your average private security company. We stand above the rest with the high-quality service that we consistently provide.

Our guards augment some of the best off-duty police officers and military personnel who have conventional additional training in areas such as:

What Is A Houston, TX Security Guard?

A Houston, TX security guard is a person who is responsible for protecting people, property, and assets in Houston, TX. They keep order and prevent theft, violence, and other crimes. The primary role of a security guard is to prevent crime. This means they can stop people from breaking into something or committing a physical act against another person or group.

One of the main reasons you might need a security guard is to protect your business or property from theft or vandalism. They can also be helpful in situations like large public gatherings where there could be a risk of riots or other crimes. Security guards are always on duty to respond quickly to any case.

Guards On Call has contracted with businesses of every size and across all industries. Any owner or property official could improve the location with the presence of capable and trustworthy security guards. After all, the time and expense of training your security staff are more than most businesses can afford. Private security services provided by Guards On Call allow you to take care of business with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business is protected.

Guards On Call has provided professionally trained and deeply experienced private security personnel for a variety of situations and individual needs, including: 

Armed Security Guard

Guards On Call offers Texas armed security guard services. As more and more threats have become commonplace in today’s world, businesses and other facilities find themselves turning to private security companies for protection. In many cases, armed guards are necessary to provide adequate levels of protection for customers, employees, students, and others.

Unarmed Security Guard Physical Security

When many people need private security guards at a facility or event, they automatically assume armed guards will be necessary. However, in many cases, unarmed guards can get the job done quite well. From sporting events to local festivals or even in office buildings or on school campuses, unarmed guards can be quite effective in acting as deterrents to crime and in spotting potential illegal acts.

Mobile Patrols / Security Vehicle Patrols / Random Patrols

Guards On Call LLC is your premier security patrol company in Texas. We provide top-tier security patrol services, offering armed officers rigorous security guard training in Texas. Our team can handle any level of security demand with a state-issued Texas security guard license. Whether you’re in Houston, Austin, Conroe, Waco, or Dallas, TX, our security patrol vehicles are ready to respond immediately.


If your Houston, Dallas, Austin, Or San Antonio Texas business, job site, or facility is in need of fire protection security guard services, using these specialized guards can make a tremendous difference in keeping everyone safe.

Houston, the fourth-largest city in the United States, is located in southeastern Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. Founded in 1836 and named after General Sam Houston, the city has a rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation. A thriving business hub, Houston is home to various industries, including energy, healthcare, aerospace, and technology. To learn more about Houston’s history, visit the Heritage Society Museum.

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Houston experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The city’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico results in high humidity levels throughout the year. Summers can be sweltering, with temperatures often reaching the mid-90s°F (35°C), while winters are generally mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing. Houston is also prone to hurricanes and flooding, making it essential to stay updated on local weather conditions.

Houston is served by two major airports: George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) and William P. Hobby Airport (HOU). The city’s public transportation system, operated by METRO, includes buses, light rail, and paratransit services. Houston’s extensive highway network, including Interstate 10, 45, and 69, connects the city to other major metropolitan areas.

Houston boasts a wide range of attractions, catering to diverse interests. Space enthusiasts can explore the Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, while art lovers can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. The Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum of Natural Science are perfect for families, offering interactive and educational experiences.

For more information on Houston, including demographics, housing, and employment statistics, visit City-Data. The official City of Houston website is a valuable resource for residents and visitors alike, providing information on city services, events, and news.

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If your property or business has been experiencing these or other similar problems and you are intrigued by the thought of mobile patrol services, contact us here at Guards On Call. Once you do, you’ll have taken the first step toward solving your security issues.

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