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A Wide Range Of Services

Armed Guards Services

Armed security guard services for high risk and high value protection.

Physical Guard Duties

Uniformed guard services for lower risk duty.

Private Services With Uniformed Security Guards

A private security company can help keep a business, home, or individual safe.

Security Patrol Services

Roving security patrol services and mobile patrols

Fire Watch Guard Services

Learn more about our fire watch guard services.

Construction Site Guards Services

The need for construction site guard services is growing. Book Now.

Parking Lot Guards Services

Learn more about our parking lot guard services.

School Security Guard Services

Learn more about our school campus security services.

What Is A School Security Guard?

A school security guard, such as those employed by Guards On Call, is an armed officer responsible for ensuring safety measures in public education institutions like elementary schools. The state plan has implemented new requirements for peace officers after the Uvalde shooting in Texas. As a result, the Texas House recently passed a bill mandating at least one security officer in all schools, including armed guards, to enhance safety in districts. The news article covering this law showcases the increased focus on security and safety in Texas schools, with businesses like Guards On Call providing these essential officers.

Expert Facts About Security Guards In Texas Schools

Guards On Call – Training And Qualifications For Texas School Security Guards

Guards On Call ensures comprehensive training and qualifications for their Texas school security guards, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. Our program covers various topics, from legal responsibilities and emergency response procedures to mental health support and community engagement.

Legal Responsibilities And Guidelines For Texas School Security Guards

Emergency Response Procedures for Texas School Security Guards

Effective Communication Strategies For Texas School Security Guards

Mental Health Support For Texas School Security Guards

Continuing Education And Professional Development For Texas School Security Guards

Community Engagement And Relationship Building For Texas School Security Guards

Evaluation and Assessment Of Texas School Security Guard Programs

Collaboration With Law Enforcement For Texas School Security Guards

Implementing Technology For Texas School Security Guards

School Security Guard Services

Guards On Call is committed to providing their Texas school security guards with the comprehensive training and qualifications they need to ensure the safety and security of Texas schools. Our program is designed to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to effectively respond to various situations while also fostering positive relationships within the school community.

Always Ready To Answer The Call

Whether you are the property manager of an apartment complex, shopping mall, or other facility, you may at some point need the services of a private security firm. When you do, it’s imperative to choose a firm that not only emphasizes teamwork, respect, and accountability, but also offers a variety of services to fit your needs. For those who choose Guards on Call, they get all that and much more. From armed and unarmed guards to mobile patrol services and loss prevention, we at Guards on Call have the capabilities to help you handle any situation you may be facing.

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