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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Construction Site Security Guard

The construction industry is huge in the U.S., with around 745,000 employers and over 7 million employees. With so many employers and employees scattered across the country, you get a lot of construction sites in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

After all, construction companies build everything from individual homes to skyscrapers and industrial complexes. While construction sites often draw interest from the general public and kids, in particular, that doesn’t mean construction companies or property owners want people wandering the site.

Enter the construction site security guard. If you have a construction site that you want to keep clear of the general public, keep reading for five reasons to hire a construction site security guard.

1. Limit Liability

Let’s say that teenagers hop the fence around your construction site, and one of them gets hurt. Like it or not, you’re probably on the hook for the liability for that injury.

Hiring construction site security can help ensure people don’t hop on the fence or get chased off quickly. That helps ensure you don’t end up on the wrong side of a significant personal injury claim in court.

2. Reduce Violence

While it’s fortunately rare, construction site violence is a thing. Construction workers are sometimes targeted for random violence. One of the benefits of hiring construction site security is that it deters this kind of random violence.

While someone might prove willing to fire on unsuspecting construction workers during a drive-by, it’s a different matter entirely to fire on a site with security there to provide witness statements or even return fire.

On-site security can also deter workplace violence between the workers themselves.

3. Boost Morale

Another benefit of security guards for construction sites is a boost to worker morale. There is a link between morale and the feeling that a workplace is safe. The guards help provide workers with that feeling of safety.

4. Reduce Theft

Construction sites often contain a lot of valuable equipment and tools. That can prove a tempting target for thieves. While a fence might not slow down thieves, on-site security often will. On the whole, thieves prefer easy targets over challenging targets.

5. Peace of Mind

While business owners often get a bad rap for not caring about their employees, many worry about their health, safety, and well-being. Providing security guards on a construction site is one-way business owners can boost their peace of mind about the job site.

Should You Hire a Construction Site Security Guard?

Not every site needs a security guard, yet many projects are large, expensive, and require substantial manpower and equipment. For these kinds of bigger jobs that will run for months, a construction site security guard — or several — is a practical step.

A guard reduces your liability, boosts morale, and reduces the potential for violence. It’s an excellent way to limit or eliminate theft. Plus, you get a bit more peace of mind.

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