Securing Houston Schools: Guards On Call Approach

Securing Houston Schools: Guards On Call Approach

Every parent’s primary concern is the safety of their child, especially when they are away at school. In Houston, it has become evident that traditional safety measures may not be enough in this era of increased school violence. This is where the innovative approach of Guards On Call comes into play. This initiative offers a comprehensive plan to enhance the security of Houston schools.

The Scope of the Problem

School safety is not just a national issue, it’s a concern that deeply affects local communities as well. Health and safety policies need to be enforced and re-evaluated on a regular basis, but recent events have shown that additional measures are warranted.

What is Guards On Call?

Guards On Call is an innovative approach to school security that consists of employing armed guards who remain on call during school hours. Rather than being stationed directly in the school, these guards are positioned nearby, ready to respond in seconds in case of an emergency.

The Advantages of Guards on Call

  1. Immediate response to threats: Guards On Call can respond and intervene in a dangerous situation much faster than the local police department, boosting overall school safety measures.

  2. Enhanced sense of security: The presence of a specialized security team committed to school safety can significantly ease the minds of students, parents, and staff. It lets the school community know that security is a priority.

  3. Training and expertise: Guards On Call personnel are fully trained to handle a variety of emergency situations, providing an added layer of safety to schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Guards On Call a replacement for traditional security measures?

No, Guards On Call is intended to be a supplement to traditional security measures, not a replacement. It’s an additional layer of security.

How are the guards trained?

The guards are thoroughly trained in crisis response, dispute resolution, and active shooter situations. They also regularly undergo refresher training to stay up-to-date with modern tactics and procedures.

Does Guards On Call increase the school’s security budget?

While introducing Guards On Call involves an investment, it’s important to consider the invaluable benefits it provides in terms of student safety and peace of mind for the school community.


The innovative approach of implementing Guards On Call can greatly improve the safety of Houston schools. Not only does it provide immediate response capability, but it also offers a peace of mind to the school community. While this requires an investment, considering the paramount importance of student safety, it is a step worth taking.

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