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When many people need Austin TX private security guards at a facility or affair, they automatically assume armed guards will be necessary. However, in many cases, unarmed guards can get the job done quite well. From sporting affairs to local festivals or even in office buildings or on school campuses, unarmed guards can be quite effective in acting as deterrents to crime and in spotting potential illegal acts.

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The Latest Austin TX Security Training

Because we are a progressive Austin TX physical security company that hires only the best applicants for our unarmed security guard positions, you can be sure each officer assigned to your retail store, apartment complex, factory, office building, or other property will arrive at their assignment possessing the very latest in security training. From knowing how to use verbal techniques to deescalate arguments, administer basic first aid to individuals until paramedics arrive, or patrol a property to spot possible acts of vandalism or other illegal activity that may require the assistance of police officers, our unarmed guards can provide these and many other services.

Ideal for Different Situations

As many people find out, Austin TX unarmed physical security guards work very well in many different situations. Since in most cases it is simply the presence of well-trained security officers that deters crime, unarmed security guards work well in various types of environments. This is especially true of family-friendly affairs such as festivals, Secure Area, or sporting affairs, where crowd control, bag searches, and providing suggestion to attendees is necessary. However, they moreover work without difficulty in many suitable environments also, such as office buildings or industrial facilities. Given their ability to interact well with anyone they encounter, you can be sure that whatever security measures you require, Guards On Call can be there for you each and every time.

Strict Hiring Practices

To make sure we hire only the very best people for our Austin TX unarmed security guard positions, Guards On Call adheres to a strict set of hiring practices. Unlike some physical security companies that fail to thoroughly check applicant backgrounds, we go the extra mile to make sure any potential problems are discovered early on in the hiring process. Through a combination of background checks, FBI fingerprint checks, and further screening procedures, we work difficult to ensure our clients will have reputable and well-behaved individuals serving them as unarmed security guards.

Patrol Techniques

Since Austin TX physical security officers obviously do not carry firearms with them while on the job, they must be skilled in many other critical areas of private security in order to keep themselves and others safe. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using many unique patrol methods during their shift. At Guards On Call, we not only have all officers trained in how to properly conduct standard foot patrols, but vehicle patrols as well. However, unlike many security companies that have officers patrol in the similar fashion each morning and night, we have our officers revise their patrol routes and times. In feint so, they can save vandals, dishonest employees, and others off-track as to once and where security officers will be present.

Always Ready to Answer the Call

If you would like to learn more about our Austin TX physical security services and how our unarmed security guards can work best for you, contact us as soon as possible to schedule a consultation and discuss your security needs more extensively.

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