what security guards can and can't do

What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do

Hiring security guards can be a great way to protect your business, your employees, and your property. This includes everything from concerts and rallies to conventions.

However, knowing what security guards can and can’t do is essential. If you’re going to put them on your payroll, this is vital information.

We’re here to clear things up a bit. Keep reading to learn more about security guard services.

What is a Security Guard

To understand what security guards can and can’t do, you need to know what a security guard is. Security guards provide security for businesses, events, and personal protection.

They can provide shoplifting deterrence in retail stores, robbery deterrence in banks and other businesses, and more. Overnight security guard services help prevent break-ins, theft, and vandalism. Security guards act as bodyguards for wealthy people, celebrities, and other VIPS.

Security Guards Can Detain People

When a security guard suspects Someone of a crime or potential crime, they can detain the individual. During this time, they can conduct a pat-down and even use handcuffs.

They can conduct a citizen’s arrest and hold the person until the police arrive if they’ve witnessed a crime. If they find a weapon or something that can be used as a weapon, they are allowed to confiscate it.

Security Guards Can’t Hold Someone for an Extended period.

In terms of detainment, however, it’s essential to know what security guards can and can’t do. For example, they may detain an individual, but not for an extended period. If the person has committed a crime or believes they will execute it, the police must be contacted.

Security Guards Can Carry Weapons

When hiring a security guard, you have multiple options regarding how they are equipped. Most security guards carry non-lethal weapons, ranging from batons and tasers to pepper spray.

However, if your needs call for it, you can hire armed security guards carrying firearms. Although, these individuals must be extensively trained and are bound by the same laws as law enforcement personnel.

Security Guards Can’t Use Excessive Force

When looking at what security guards can and can’t do in terms of force, they operate like the police. Excessive violence or use of force is never allowed and is punishable by law.

Security guards follow an escalation of force based on the criminal’s actions. They should attempt to de-escalate the situation rather than resort to the next tier of force. The use of force should only be carried out while protecting property, themselves, or others.

Do You Understand What Security Guards Can and Can’t Do?

We hope this security guard guide helps you understand more about the services you can expect. Knowing what security guards can and can’t do is vital before hiring one for your business or event is critical.

We’re here for you if you’re ready to look into your options. Contact us today to get a free quote for our security services. We’re on call for all of your security needs.

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