According to the FBI’s Crime Clock, a robbery occurs every 1.7 minutes, somebody gets assaulted every 39 seconds, and a burglary happens every 22.6 seconds. Not a moment passes when somebody does not commit a crime somewhere. 

Don’t let that somewhere be your place of business. Protect yourself with onsite security.

Read on to learn the point of an unarmed security guard and how they can keep you, your employees, and your assets safe.

Criminal Deterrence

Criminals often look for easy targets when they plan to steal or vandalize a business. When they see a security guard driving around the premises or standing at the door, it presents them with a challenge.

In order to bypass security, it would require a lot of extra planning. They also run the risk of getting caught more easily and going to jail. More often than not, the criminals will move on to an unsecured establishment.

Fear Factor

You know that your security guards do not carry a weapon. But, nobody else needs to know this bit of information.

Criminals face the prospect that your security may be armed. This may make them think twice before getting rowdy or committing any other crimes.


Many businesses protect their establishment with cameras, alarms, and other forms of security. But the parking lots may lack safety mechanisms.

This may lead to vehicle break-ins, especially in a high-crime area. It can also pose a threat to night shift workers walking out alone.

Unarmed security will patrol your lots. This can keep cars and people safe from the time they get to work until the moment they drive away.

Asset Protection

Stores run the risk of getting swiped in plain sight. People may walk by and pocket easy to hide items or simply walk out the door with bigger ones.

You do not need weapons to stop these thieves. Often times they are teens. Unarmed security can watch around the store and check receipts at the door.


Armed security guards cost more than their unarmed counterparts. If your business needs protection but you run on a tight budget, opt for security guards that do not carry weapons. They still add an element of safety to your place.


Allowing weapons on your premises raises your liability. What if they need to use a weapon or accidentally injury an innocent bystander?

For this reason, you may find it difficult to get insurance coverage on your business if you keep armed guards. Unarmed guards come with lower potential risk.

Weapon-Free Environments

In some spaces, you cannot and should not allow weapons. For instance, schools need security but they are a gun-free zone.

Protect and supervise kids at the doorways, outside of bathrooms, in the lunchrooms, and around the school hallways with unarmed security. Other places that may benefit from unarmed guards include malls, museums, festivals, etc.

Weapons in public spaces with children create too much of a safety risk. The point of security is to protect.

Hire an Unarmed Security Guard

Do you need added protection without liability? Hire an unarmed security guard to patrol and protect your place of business. 

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