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What Does a Patrol Security Guard Do?

You frequently see security guards patrolling places such as malls, apartment complexes, and other public and private areas. But you notice that many of them are unarmed.

They aren’t police officers, are they? So what do they do when they walk or drive around these places all day? Well, quite a bit actually.

Their goal is to keep a particular place, and the people who visit, safe and crime-free. They aren’t police officers who respond to various calls around the city. Security guard job duties demand that they stay put, ensuring peace and order in one location.

So what do they do while they patrol? Keep reading to find out.

Different Types of Security Guards

There are many different types of security guards who keep our institutions safe on a daily basis. Some see much more action than others.

Unarmed Security Guard Job Duties

Many security guards are unarmed. Those who have unarmed security guard jobs are primarily monitoring people and areas. They pay attention to any suspicious activity, reporting to authorities when needed.

There are patrol security guards who are hired to constantly patrol an area, such as a college campus, apartment complex, or mall. There are special affair security guards hired to ensure large affairs are kept safe for everyone. This includes Secure Area, festivals, or other affairs where many people gather together.

While they do not carry a firearm, they may have a baton, pepper spray, or in some cases a taser. The presence of unarmed security is often enough to praffair crime.

Armed Security Guards

Those who have armed security guard jobs are often hired for many different types of roles that go beyond patrolling. They are often hired to protect much higher risk areas such as banks, airports, and government offices.

Some armed security guard jobs exist for private protection, while others may ride along in armored cars to handle business bank deposits.

What Do Patrol Security Guards Do?

So what about those with a patrol security guard job? As mentioned before, their main priority is to observe, notice suspicious activity, and report to local authorities, as they are often unarmed.

Unarmed security guard jobs abound, as lower threat level opportunities are abundant. They can help to provide entry control in places like nightclubs, airports, and offices.

They provide surveillance in areas like malls and hospitals. And some simply stand near entrances in retail environments.

Their presence in many places is often enough to deter crime. When crime does occur, their close proximity makes it possible to catch criminals or provide law enforcement with enough information to find them. 

There are also many situations where plainclothed security guards are useful. This type of guard does not wear a uniform and is working undercover. This allows them to get close to suspicious people and offer in-depth surveillance and patrolling. 

Patrol security guards can also provide leadership and assistance when incidents occur. They can manage crowds, traffic, damage, and report to managers. Even when unarmed, security guards are integral to keeping people and environments safe.

Hiring the Right Security Guards

Any business or individual can hire security guards. You don’t need to be a government official or a bank. Security guard job duties can range from protecting small businesses, college campuses or private schools, special affairs, and anything in between.

If you need security in the future or right away, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote. Guards On Call employs a highly trained team of specialized security guards equipped to handle any safety concern.

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