You’ve spent months planning your affairs. You’ve spent hours on the phone with caterers, vendors, entertainment, and your affair staff. At long last, everything is coming together.

But, what if after all your hard work and planning, someone disrupted your affair? What if your staff realized somebody was stealing or causing agitation for people?

Scenarios like these are why you need a reliable security guard team for any affair. These professionals can ensure that your affair runs smoothly without anybody causing trouble.

However, finding the right guards for your needs can be tricky. So, in this guide, we’ll explore pre-requisites you should consider before hiring a company.

The Essential Pre-Requisites: Licensure

The first thing to check when hiring a security company is their licensure. Do they carry the necessary licenses for your state?

States differ from one another in the requirements they hold for security companies. Spend time researching their regulations before you decide on a security agency.

While it’s not illegal per se to hire an unlicensed security team, it can have its downsides. If an agency doesn’t have legitimate licensure, it could mean they lack the training you need to resolve issues at your affair.

Policies and Procedures

If the agency has its appropriate licenses, the next step is discussing its policies and procedures with the management. As you talk these through, assess whether their methods align with your needs.

How will they handle communication and reporting between your group and theirs? What technology will they use to enhance their services?

Also, look into whether they train their staff in the technology they use. Several companies have flashy technical equipment, but you won’t benefit if their employees can’t use it.


We briefly touched on this at the end of the previous section. The training a company gives its staff is essential, and the security industry is no different.

Different affairs may require various types of training. So, discover what they train their employees to do and what certifications they hold.

Certifications may include authority for arrests, CPR, first aid, or firearms. Whatever your affair may need, ensure this company can provide it.

Responsiveness and Communication

If an agency has all of the above credentials yet won’t answer your calls when you need them, it may be best to find another agency. After all, security agencies need customer service skills, too.

If your prospective agency won’t answer your calls when you’re an inquirer, why should you believe they’ll respond to clients? A lack of communication is a clear sign that you should find someone else.

Learn About Their Reputation

If everything else looks good, the last thing to do is check the agency’s reputation. See if you can find references from customers of a similar scope to yours. If their experiences with the agency were positive, you’ve probably found the best agency for your affair!

Find Your Security Team

If a security agency meets these pre-requisites, you can rely on them to help your affair. You’ll find these agencies to be professional and skillful in handling their task.

If you’re not sure where to look for a security agency, check out our services! We offer several types of security for many kinds of venues and situations. Contact us today and you’ll receive a complete quote within 48 hours!