In 2019, there were close to 7 million property crimes estimated to have happened, according to the FBI. If you own property or a business facility, you need to hire security services to avoid being victimized.

There are many types of security services, so finding the right one takes a bit of research.

From lobby security to construction security, finding the right types of uniformed officers for your business means understanding the categories of security service. Read on to learn more.

Proprietary Security Personnel

These types of security guards are in-house security, meaning that they are your official employees. This includes things such as armored car security and bank security.

They may or may not be armed, depending on how you train them and what the legality of armed security is in your state. The advantage of having your own in-house security is that you don’t have to deal with a contractor. 

Private Security Services

Private security is often used for private residences. You may want to hire them for something such as a party or large affair.

You can use them for your business or industrial center property as well. Private security services are not in-house, meaning that you hire them from a security company or contractor. 

Private security can be armed or unarmed. Whether you are using them for business or your personal life, they are an excellent professional option.

Mobile Patrol Services

Think professional neighborhood-watch for your business or private compound. These security services don’t stay sitting at a desk watching a monitor all night, they actively walk a beat to deter criminal activity.

They are an excellent choice for expansive properties, large affairs, or University campuses. Their primary focus is making their presence known to the public, so it may not be necessary to arm them with deadly force.

Instead, you may want to have unarmed mobile patrol services with armed security backup on standby to avoid unnecessary incidents with the public. 

Unarmed Security

Not all situations merit the use of deadly force. At some affairs or parties, the presence of armed security forces may off-put guests.

Keeping some unarmed security guards at hand will still get your message across while keeping the ambiance lighter. You can always have armed guards on standby if the situation evolves. 

Fire Watch

Theft, vandalism, and burglary aren’t the only things you need to think about when keeping your property safe. Fire can also devastate your property and valuables.

By hiring a fire watch, you can keep fire-prone areas under surveillance to reduce the risk of incidents and shorten response time.

Keep Your Property Safe

In these dangerous times we live in, there is no such thing as being too safe. By using security services, you can make sure that your property is defended against criminals and security incidents. 

When you are ready, contact us so that we can go over your best security options and help you develop a security plan. That way, your property will be safe for years to come.