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The Importance of Fire Protection Security Guards

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently reported fires caused $21.9 billion in commercial property damage in 2020. There is also the more concerning threat to human life, which is why having fire watch guards on-site is essential.

But, before you invest in fire watch services, it’s vital to learn precisely what they can do for your business. This will help you understand how they fit into your overall company plan, keep your staff safe, and potentially save you money.

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Fire Risk Identification

Prevention is always better than cure, so a fire watch security guards service will prioritize identifying fire risks. These hazards include uncleared trash, jammed fire doors, and untidy fire exit routes.

Finding these problems early can help prevent fires and keep your premises safe. It can also make staff feel secure as they can see you are taking action to reduce the risk of fires in the workplace.

Fire Watch Services 24/7 Availability

You can’t keep watch all the time when you are running a busy company. But, by having fire security guards on-site, you can have peace of mind that your fire safety procedures are under control.

You can arrange a security guard fire watch service 24/7, 365 days per year, ensuring there is always a trained professional looking after your property. Even when your employees are tired at the end of their shifts, you’ll have an alert fire security guard to keep them safe.

Expert Fire Emergency Response

While no one wants a fire to occur, it’s unfortunate that this can sometimes happen. In this scenario, employees could panic and make decisions that put themselves and their colleagues in harm’s way.

However, an experienced fire protection security guard will be calm in an emergency. They can guide your staff to safety and contact local agencies that can help contain and extinguish the fire.

These decisive actions could save lives and significantly reduce the damage to your premises.

Fire Safety Reporting

A crucial part of a fire security guard’s service is updating you on any fire risk-related issues. This is why the Guards On Call security guards use our app to complete and submit reports about any incidents during their shifts.

You can log on at any time and view these reports to stay current with this aspect of your business. This can be especially useful if you are often away from your premises.

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Hiring fire watch services can help safeguard your employees, customers, and property.

At Guards On Call, our trained and experienced staff can identify fire risks before a fire occurs, allowing you to resolve the issue before it causes harm. Offering an around-the-clock service, our team can react quickly in the event of a fire, and you’ll always have instant access to the latest reports regarding fire risks on your premises.

Contact Guards On Call today to discuss your fire watch security guard needs.

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