Did you know that businesses could lose potential sales due to vandalism? It is no secret that providing a good customer experience is pivotal to businesses.

Does your business need to implement new strategies for security purposes? For example, do you need security guards in your parking lot? There is a rise in car theft.

Choosing security guard services comes with multiple options. We will discuss your options for security services, and we will provide tips for your search in finding the best security guard company for your business’s needs.

Choosing Security Guard Services 101

What is your best approach when choosing security guard services? Here are six topics to consider.


For how many years has the security service company been open? Are the guards trained experts? Do they have a background in the military or police department?


Does the security service company have a license? Contact the appropriate authority in your state to verify the license.

National vs Local

Are you considering a national company or a local company? Compare the pros and cons, such as their training, policies, and familiarity with the community.


What is the company’s procedure? Do they provide reports, or do they use a GPS track? Learn more about the company’s practices.

Customer Service and Availability

If you have a company in mind, contact them, and know firsthand how their customer service is. Did they answer all your questions? Are they available 24/7?

References and Reviews

Ask friends, family members, and colleagues. Did they receive such services? Did they have a positive experience or negative experience, and read reviews.

Types of Security Guard Services

Depending on your security service budget and your business’s needs, you can select an armed security guard or an unarmed security guard. Below are four types of security guard services.

Private security services are for companies and businesses that want to provide protection for their assets, employees, or themselves.  

Loss prevention security services are for companies, such as retail stores. These guards provide asset protection. They assist with theft scenarios.

Parking lot security services are for customers who want to prevent parking lot car break-ins. These guards can also assist with traffic flow. They can help you with enforcing your parking lot rules.

Fire watch security services are for businesses and companies that want to protect their assets and personnel from fire hazards.

Here are three key benefits of having security guards: 

  • Security guards protect your valuable assets
  • Security guards deter crime
  • Security guards provide security for your customers and employees

Contact Experts

When choosing security guard services, know your options. Learn about the different types of services. Compare and contrast key components, such as experience, references, and availability.

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