The city of Dallas, known for its vibrant atmosphere and enriched culture, is also faced with its share of security challenges. Rapid urbanization and population growth have increased the overall crime rate, making security services a top priority. This article explores some of the key security challenges in Dallas and discusses how the innovative solutions provided by Guards On Call can address these issues.

Understanding the Challenges

As in any large city, Dallas is plagued with several unique security problems that need to be addressed effectively. Let’s delve into the challenges this famous city is facing.

Increasing Rate of Property Crimes

In recent years, Dallas has noticed a surging rate of property crimes that include burglary, arson, larceny, and vehicle theft. These crimes not only impact the city’s economy but also create an environment of fear and distrust among the residents.

Growing Scourge of Violent Crimes

Violent crimes such as assault, robbery, rape, and murder are also a critical security concern in Dallas. The rise in such crimes erodes the feeling of safety and security among the inhabitants of the city.

How Guards On Call can Help?

Despite these alarming statistics, there is a silver lining. Guards On Call, a professional security service, provides comprehensive solutions to combat these challenges head-on.

Professionally Trained Guards

Guards On Call employs only professionally trained security personnel who can handle different types of security situations effectively. They’re equipped with skills to prevent unauthorized access, detect suspicious activities, and take immediate action during security incidents.

24/7 Security Surveillance

With Guards On Call, clients receive round-the-clock security surveillance. Using advanced technology and systems, their team ensures constant monitoring and immediate response to any security threats.

Customized Security Plans

Understanding that each client might have unique security requirements, Guards On Call provides customized security plans that cater to their specific needs.


The security challenges faced by Dallas indeed warrant serious consideration. However, optimized solutions like those offered by Guards On Call can significantly improve the city’s overall safety quotient. Residents and businesses in Dallas who value their security can count on these dedicated professionals to protect their premises and maintain peace.