San Antonio School Safety & Guards On Call

San Antonio School Safety & Guards On Call

In recent years, school safety has become a significant issue across the United States. San Antonio is no exception. In fact, San Antonio schools have seen an increase in threats and incidents over the past few years. In response, the city has implemented measures to ensure that schools are safer than ever before. One such measure is the availability of on-call school guards.

Why San Antonio is Focusing on School Safety

San Antonio has seen an increase in violence in recent years, and schools have not been immune to this trend. School shootings and other violent incidents have made headlines in San Antonio and around the country. As a result, school safety has become a top priority for San Antonio officials.

Not only is school violence a potential threat to the safety of students, but it can also impact their education. When students feel unsafe, it can be difficult for them to concentrate on their studies. This can result in lower grades, lower test scores, and a decreased appetite for learning.

The Benefits of On-Call School Guards

One way that San Antonio is addressing school safety is by providing on-call school guards. These guards are trained professionals who are available to respond to incidents as they occur. Some of the benefits of on-call school guards include:

  1. Improved response times: When incidents happen, every second counts. On-call school guards can respond quickly to minimize the impact of the incident.
  2. Higher visibility: The presence of on-call school guards can act as a deterrent to potential perpetrators.
  3. Better enforcement of school rules: On-call school guards are trained in conflict resolution and can help to enforce school rules, ensuring that students are safe while on campus.
  4. Ability to work with law enforcement: In the event that law enforcement needs to be involved, on-call school guards can help to coordinate efforts and keep everyone informed.

FAQs about On-Call School Guards

What qualifications do on-call school guards have?

On-call school guards must meet certain qualifications, including background checks, drug tests, and relevant training. They must also have a keen understanding of conflict resolution, emergency response, and the ability to work well with law enforcement authorities.

How are on-call school guards activated?

On-call school guards are activated when an incident occurs or when the school administrators make a call to activate them. Some schools may have specific protocols in place for activating on-call school guards.

How much do on-call school guards cost?

Costs can vary depending on the number of guards required and the duration of their deployment. Some schools may also have grant funding available to offset costs associated with on-call school guards.


School safety is a top priority for San Antonio, and on-call school guards are one way that the city is addressing these concerns. With their specialized training and ability to respond quickly to incidents, on-call school guards are an essential component of ensuring that San Antonio schools remain safe places for students to learn and grow.

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