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Licensing and Certification Requirements for Security Guards in Texas

Did you know there are more than 1 million security guards in the United States? As a prevalent job, many are looking to join the ranks. But what does it take to be a security guard?

Austin security guards undergo training, education, and more for their jobs. If you’re curious to know what’s required for Austin security guards, we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about the training and possible disqualifications for security guards.


To begin, what’s required from a security guard? Here are some of the most critical factors in becoming a security guard in Austin.

As a note, these requirements aren’t universal. Some positions may require different qualifications. These are the qualities that security guards are expected to have.


A commissioned security guard will acquire licensing from a local licensing agency. These agencies will look for adequate training, while some also provide the training.

Training is typically completed through an approved school or instructor. Think of a college degree: if a school is not accredited, the classes there don’t count toward a degree. If an instructor isn’t approved, their training doesn’t qualify.


Security guards have dangerous positions that often require off-the-cuff thinking. As a result, they are also required to take several diagnostic tests. These range from physical capabilities to mental acuity.

These tests may include psychiatric conditions, medications taken, and more. You’ll need to pass a psychological exam before achieving your certification.


Additionally, many companies will look at your history. Some occupations can help you skip the above qualifications.

For example, recent experience as a peace officer means that they assume you’re trained and diagnosed. However, you’ll need to provide proper documentation.

If you were terminated from such a position, they might require re-evaluation.


Now that we know what qualifications an Austin security guard needs, what spells disaster? Here are some of the factors that can disqualify you.

Medical History

You may not be allowed to obtain certification if you have a “negative” medical history.

A certification board may disqualify you for certain neurological disorders. Pulmonary issues, difficulty with physical tasks, and similar diagnoses can cause disqualification.

Certain mental diagnoses can also cause this disqualification. Speak with your primary physician to discuss these issues. You should also consult the local licensing agency from which you’re seeking your certification.

Criminal History

A criminal history can also disqualify you. In many states, a felony will prevent you from owning or wielding a firearm.

Most security guards are armed. As a result, a felony can automatically disqualify you. Consult with your local licensing agency to see if your criminal history disqualifies you.

Hiring Security Guards

Achieving certification as a security guard sounds daunting, but it is easy to manage. You can become an Austin security guard and secure a well-paying position with the right qualifications.

If you have more questions about how to become a security guard, be sure to contact us. You can also browse our site to learn more.

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