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How Much Does Private Security Cost?

There’s a lot going on in the world, and the need for private security has never been more urgent. 

In fact, private security workers now outnumber public police around the world. 

If you’re just a regular Joe, hiring a security guard may not be a viable option. But if you’re a little more high profile—the head of a large-scale business, perhaps, or a well-known performer or entertainer—then you might find yourself the target of criminal activity. 

It’s in situations like these that contracting with private security services starts to make sense.

So whether it’s a matter of hiring a bodyguard for your own personal protection, or hiring security for your business interests, let’s take a look at private security prices. 

What Private Security Does

Private security consists of highly trained personnel who are employed to protect your person or your property—or both. 

Typically, a security guard is hired to provide that added reassurance that a high-value asset is defended against the unwanted attentions of criminal actors. This often involves the prevention of theft and unlawful entry. 

Of course, private security firms offer many other services as well, including crowd control at large affairs. The qualifications for a security guard are standardized and rigorous, with specific training that conforms to state regulations. 

With Guards on Call, you can rest assured that our private security guards are experienced and highly trained. 

Private Security Guard Cost

So what does hiring private security services typically cost? 

The average cost of a security detail isn’t as expensive as you might think. Private security prices usually range from $35 to $50 an hour. Of course, this depends on the type of security you’re looking for, the experience of the security personnel, and additional factors such as venue and location. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the extra elements that can increase the cost of private security. 


The level of experience of security personnel can exert a significant influence on private security costs. The combination of on-the-job experience and additional training often means an increase of $10 to $15 more per hour. 

Armed Personnel

By the nature of their work, armed guards require extensive training to ensure the highest standards of professionalism and accountability. 

As such, there is a certain additional premium to be paid for the services of armed security staff. Expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $10 more per hour for armed personnel, and potentially much more depending on the location. 

Security Guards With Police or Military Experience

Among the most prized security personnel are those who possess police or military training and experience. 

Police officers sometimes work on the side as security guards, and both their training and their active-duty arrest powers help them command significant additional prices. Likewise, previous military experience is much sought after in private security personnel. 

Individuals with police and military training can demand from $40 to $60 an hour more than the standard, unarmed security guard. 

Do You Need Private Security?

These days, private security is more necessary than ever. If you’re even considering hiring a bodyguard or security guard, then it’s a sure sign you’re in need of protective services. 

So go ahead and hire private security, right now. Contact us at Guards on Call today. We can answer all your questions and get you started. 

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