How Mobile Patrol Security Can Deter Crime

How Mobile Patrol Security Can Deter Crime

As crime rates continue to soar, businesses and property owners are looking for effective security solutions to keep their assets safe. Mobile patrol security has emerged as a popular option for many, offering a visible, flexible, and cost-effective solution that can deter crime before it happens. In this article, we’ll explore how mobile patrol security can help prevent crime and protect your assets.

What is Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile patrol security involves the use of trained security personnel on the move, either by foot, bike, or vehicle. Unlike stationary security guards, mobile patrol security can provide a dynamic and flexible security presence that can react quickly to changing situations and cover larger areas with ease.

How Can Mobile Patrol Security Deter Crime?

One of the key advantages of mobile patrol security is its visible presence. Patrol vehicles or guards on foot or bike are easily recognizable, and the very sight of them can be enough to deter criminal activity. Knowing that security is present and active can dissuade potential criminals from targeting your property or business, choosing easier targets instead.

In addition to acting as a deterrent, mobile patrol security can also detect and respond to criminal activity more effectively than stationary guards. Patrols can cover larger areas and quickly identify signs of suspicious behavior, such as loitering, vandalism, or attempted break-ins. By detecting and addressing these issues early, security patrols can prevent criminals from succeeding in their activities and reduce the likelihood of future attempts.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Patrol Security?

Mobile patrol security offers several benefits over traditional security measures:

  • Visibility: The visible presence of mobile patrols can deter criminal activity and give peace of mind to employees, customers, and tenants.
  • Flexibility: Mobile patrols can cover larger areas and adapt to changing situations more effectively than stationary guards.
  • Cost-effective: Mobile patrols can be a more cost-effective security solution than hiring multiple stationary guards, as they can cover more territory with fewer personnel.
  • Fast response times: Mobile patrols can quickly respond to signs of criminal activity, minimizing damage and increasing the chances of catching perpetrators.
  • Customizable: Mobile patrol security can be tailored to your specific needs, whether that means regular patrols, random check-ins, or even escorting employees or visitors to their vehicles.


How often do mobile patrols visit my property?

The frequency of mobile patrols depends on your specific security needs. Some properties may require more frequent patrols, especially if they are located in high-crime areas or have a history of security incidents. Your security provider will work with you to develop a customized patrol schedule that meets your needs and fits your budget.

What training do mobile patrol security guards receive?

Mobile patrol security guards receive extensive training in a variety of areas, including security techniques, observation skills, emergency response, and customer service. They are also trained to comply with local laws and regulations and to use non-lethal force only when necessary for self-defense or to protect others.

What should I do if I see suspicious activity on my property?

If you see suspicious activity on your property, contact your mobile patrol security provider immediately. They will dispatch a patrol to investigate and address the situation. It’s important not to confront suspicious individuals or attempt to intervene on your own, as this can be dangerous and put yourself and others at risk.


Mobile patrol security can be an effective crime prevention tool for businesses and property owners looking to protect their assets. With their visible presence, flexibility, and responsiveness, mobile patrols can deter criminal activity before it happens and quickly respond to any incidents that do occur. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable security solution, mobile patrol security may be the right choice for you.

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