Houston Schools: Emergency Preparedness with Guards On Call

Houston Schools: Emergency Preparedness with Guards On Call

The safety of school children is a top priority for parents, administrators, and government officials. School administrators safeguard learning environments and make sure that students are secure while they are in school. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that 20% of public schools in the U.S. have security personnel present on campus during opening and closing hours. While this may offer some security, it is important to explore ways to improve the safety of school environments. One important way to achieve this is to have professional armed guards on duty, especially during emergency situations.

Why Hire Professional Guards for School Safety?

Professional guards are trained to handle emergency situations and are well-equipped to provide safeguard solutions. This is particularly true for those trained to combat threats from firearms. This makes them valuable resources in case of an emergency, where they can protect students and faculty while simultaneously ensuring all safety protocols are followed.

Hiring professionals can also ensure that the school is compliant with relevant laws and regulations related to school safety. A professional approach can limit liability issues and minimize incidents of violence. It also helps create a culture of safety in the learning environment, which is beneficial to all stakeholders.

Benefits of Having Guards On Call

Having armed guards on duty, even if they are on-call, can provide numerous benefits to the school environment. One being the ability to handle emergencies promptly. Professional guards have the training to respond quickly and efficiently in the face of danger. In case of an armed robbery or shooting, for example, the presence of guards on site can mitigate the potential damage.

Additionally, having guards on call can give parents peace of mind, knowing that trained professionals are there to maintain the safety of their children, even in the face of unexpected threats. Guards provide a sense of security, which, in today’s world, is becoming more and more essential.

Another essential benefit of on-call guards is that they can help improve the school environment. Guards can supervise student behavior, ensure protocol adherence, and prevent incidents before they occur. A professional approach to monitoring school grounds can aid in improving student behavior and strengthen discipline.

FAQs About School Safety Guards

What Is the Difference Between Armed and Unarmed Safety Guards?

Armed guards, unlike their unarmed counterparts, have firearms, allowing them to execute needed measures in the face of danger, especially when dealing with armed assailants. Whereas, unarmed guards do not carry firearms, limiting their access to certain types of emergency situations.

Are Professional Safety Guards the Only Solution to School Security?

No, but they provide the highest level of security features, ensuring that relevant regulations are adhered to and the school remains compliant with the law.

How Can a School Budget for Safety Guards?

School budgets can be a limiting factor for hiring on-site guards. However, schools can consider partnering with security organizations to provide on-call guard services.


Safety is a crucial aspect of the school environment, and school administrators must strive to implement strategies to ensure a healthy, secure environment for students. One essential approach is to work with professional guards to provide emergency response services. Guards on call can act as the first line of defense against threats, minimizing the potential damage to school properties and, most importantly, student and staff safety.

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