Security threats may strike at any time, and in a bustling city like Austin, a reliable security solution is a basic necessity. Among the myriad security firms, a group stands out for their exceptional dedication and professional service — “Guards On Call.” This Austin-based organization offers top-notch security solutions tailored to each client’s needs.

Empowering Austin with Premier Security Solutions

Guards On Call has played an integral role in Austin’s security landscape since its establishment. They have a well-structured security system designed to protect people, property, and information. They can handle any assignment — small-scale residential patrol, business security, or large-scale event management.

Professionally Trained Staff

What makes Guards On Call stand out is its team. Every security officer receives rigorous and comprehensive training, surpassing the standard required by state law. They are trained in emergency response, problem-solving tactics, customer service, and more. The staff’s level of dedication and professionalism has earned Guards On Call a superior reputation in the Austin area.

Working Beyond Regular Duties

In addition to their core responsibilities, Guards On Call offers additional services such as private investigations, consultancy services, and safety training for residents and businesses. The company embraces an extensive approach to security, ensuring their clients not only feel safe but are prepared for unexpected situations.

Community Commitment with Environmental Consciousness

Guards On Call is not just the face of security services in Austin; they are a committed community partner. The company invests in local endeavors, supports Austin’s growth, and emphasizes environmentally friendly practices. The company’s patrol vehicles run on environmentally sustainable fuels, proving their commitment to a greener Austin.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Understanding the uniqueness of each client’s needs, Guards On Call tailors its security solutions accordingly. They offer 24/7 service and a flexible approach in terms of contract duration — from one-day events to long-term contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Guards On Call available for immediate activation?

Yes, Guards On Call operates around the clock and is ready for immediate deployment. However, to ensure the best security for your needs, it is recommended you do contact in advance if possible.

Does Guards On Call offer services to residential areas?

Yes, Guards On Call provides services to both business and residential clients. They can provide individualized security measures for homes, apartment complexes, and gated communities.


In conclusion, Guards On Call sets a high bar for Austin’s security service industry. With their highly trained personnel, comprehensive services, community integration, and commitment to customer satisfaction, they are the gold standard for safety in the city.