Austin Schools: Safe with Guards On Call

Austin Schools: Safe with Guards On Call

In recent years, the safety of our children in schools has become a prominent issue. The use of school guards has often been proposed as a promising solution to ensure the utmost safety in our schools. Particularly in Austin, Texas, this method has been implemented, proving to be a viable option. So, how effective are school guards in Austin schools? Let’s delve into this critical question to shed more light on our children’s safety grounds.

Understanding the Concept of School Guards

Just like any other security guard, a school guard is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting people, particularly our children, and property on school premises. These professionals are trained to handle various emergencies, establishing safe environments for our kids to learn and grow.

The Role of School Guards

From maintaining order to handling emergencies, school guards play a crucial role. Some of their vital roles include:

  1. Monitoring school premises to prevent and detect signs of intrusion.
  2. Engaging in activities that promote a positive school environment.
  3. Responding to school crisis situations.

Implementation of School Guards in Austin

Recent events have led to the increasing need for improvements in school security measures. With a commitment to protect every student, Austin schools have implemented a ‘Guards on Call’ service. This service ensures a guard is always available on the school premises.

Effectiveness of School Guards in Austin

This program has seen a significant increase in the safety levels in Austin schools. Not only are potential threats quickly detected and managed, but the presence of these guards also gives a sense of safety and comfort to students and staff.

Community Perception

Parents, teachers, and students provide positive reviews about the implementation of school guards in Austin. The proactive approach to ensuring safety gives the community a sense of security, assuring them that their children are in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What training do school guards undergo?

School guards undergo specific training programs that equip them with skills to handle emergencies, recognize potential risks, maintain order, and effectively communicate with students and staff.

Is there a guard in every Austin school?

Under the ‘Guards on Call’ service, a guard is always available to respond quickly to any security concerns in Austin schools.


The safety of our children is paramount. The implementation of school guards in Austin schools has proven to be a highly effective measure in enhancing school safety. Not only does it deter potential threats, but it also creates a sense of safety among students and staff. This progressive approach sets a good example for other schools across the nation to follow.

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