Austin, Texas, is the home of a flourishing innovation, technology and music sceneIt’s also a city with rapid growth in population. According to the latest census numbers from 2017. The population of Austin increased by 9 percent within a single year. With such a large number of people living in such a small space is it no wonder that property crime has been increasing over the last couple of years. However, security guard services in Austin can mitigate the risk. Here are six reasons why you require security guards in Austin:

The crime rate is on the rise and is on the rise in Austin.

The positive side is that the crime rate are less than the national averages, however, some residents are worried about the recent surge in crime committed on property. In the year 2017, Austin saw a property-related crime rate of more than 4,000 incidents per 100,000It was up 6 percent from the year prior. According to data from the police the most frequently committed crimes in Austin include the robbery (76 percent) burglary (14 percent) as well as auto theft (7 per cent).

Hiring a security guard is less expensive than purchasing the security gear.

One of the most important problems people face when they hire a security guard is the priceHowever, while it’s a significant aspect to be considered but it’s important to remember the fact that employing a security officer is considerably less expensive than purchasing security equipment. According to United States Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the typical cost of equipment including installation, maintenance, and surveillance for a single security device is $1089That’s a hefty price paying for something that your employees can accomplish for substantially less.

You’ll feel more secure knowing you’re protected.

Security guards can give you a sense security that you might not have felt before. In the end, it’s one thing to take precautions at home, but be concerned about intruders however, with a security guard service such as ours, you can be sure that someone is who is watching the movements of your family.

A licensed and bonded service protects your possessions.

If you’re homeowner, you’re aware of the cost of replacing your possessions, or fixing damage from a break-in could be staggeringThis is why it’s crucial to engage a licensed, bonded and licensed service. A security guard service in Austin will safeguard the exterior as well as the interior of your home by deterring thieves and safeguarding your property.

They are providing reassurance for employees and tenants.

Security guards offer protection and comfort for your tenants and employeesSecurity measures installed are an effective way of making your premises feel safer and we all know that security is a major element in the retention of tenants.

You’ll be able to trace the evidence if something does happen.

Within Austin, Texas, security guard services will ensure your property is safe from vandals, thieves and burglars. If something does happen on your property, you’ll have an evidence trail to prove who was present at the time of the incident and what happened during it.


Crime is increasing in Austin and it’s crucial to have security guards in place to help deter criminals and keep your building secureA security guard’s hiring is an economical option that offers peace of mind for both employees and tenantsEmploying a licensed and bonded service ensures that your property is protected. Contact us today to find out more about hiring a security officer for your property.



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