Austin, Texas, is home to a thriving technological, innovation and music cultureThe city also has a rapid growth in population. According to census data from 2017. The population of Austin have increased by almost 9 percent in the span of just one year. With the number of people living in such a limited space It’s not surprising that property crimes have increased over the past few years. The good news is that security guards in Austin can help mitigate that risk. Here are six good reasons you need security guard services in Austin:

Crime is on the rise within Austin.

The positive is the fact that rates of crime remain lower than national averages, however, some residents are worried about the recent rise in property crime. In the year 2017, Austin was home to a property crime rate of over 4,000 incidents per 100,000 peopleThis was an increase of 6 percent over the previous year. According to statistics from police the most commonly committed crimes in Austin are burglary (76 percent) and the burglary (14 percent) and vehicle theft (7 per cent).

Employing a security officer is less expensive than purchasing Security equipment.

One of the most important problems people face when they hire a security guard is the costWhile it’s a significant aspect to be considered however, it’s worth noting it is that hiring a security professional is much cheaper than buying in-house security equipment. In fact, according to United States Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the typical cost of equipment as well as installation and monitoring for one electronic security gadget is $1089This is a significant amount that you have to shell out for something that your employees can accomplish for substantially less.

You’ll feel secure knowing you’re protected.

Security guard services can give you a sense of security which you’ve never had before. It’s an act of taking precautions in your home and still be concerned about intruders However, with a security guarding service like ours you know that there’s someone in the world watching each and every step you make.

Employing a licensed and bonded service protects your belongings.

If you’re a homeowner, you’re aware that the price of replacing your possessions or the repair of damage caused by a break-in can be enormousThis is why it’s crucial to employ a licensed and bonded service. A security guard business in Austin will safeguard the exterior and interior of your house by preventing thieves and safeguarding your property.

They provide security to tenants and employees.

Security guards provide security and peace of mind for your tenants and employeesSecurity measures that are installed are a great way to make your property feel more secure, because we know safety is an important element to retaining tenants.

You’ll be able to prove it if something does happen.

If you live in Austin, Texas, security guards will keep your property safe from vandals, thieves and burglars. If something does happen on your property, there will be an evidence trail to prove who was present during the incident and what transpired during it.


The rate of crime is increasing in Austin, and it’s essential for security guards to help deter criminals and keep your property secureA security guard’s hiring is an affordable option that gives peace of mind for residents and staffA licensed and bonded service also ensures that your property is secured. Contact us now to find out more about the possibility of hiring a security guard for your property.



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