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5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Fire Watch Guard

Experts predict the fire protection system market will be worth a massive $115B by 2028, showing how important this equipment is for safety. But, while this technology is essential, there is no substitute for having a highly-trained fire watch professional looking after your commercial premises. 

Unfortunately, many businesses have learned they did not have adequate fire protection policies only after they suffered a fire outbreak. Not only can such a catastrophe cause severe risk to human life, but it can also have a devastating effect on your commercial buildings and equipment.

Fortunately, you can take praffairative steps to reduce the chance of having a fire on your property. 

Read on to learn five excellent reasons why you should have a fire watch guard on-site.

1. Identify Potential Hazards

A fire watch security guard can identify hazards that other staff in your building could miss. For example, there could be overheating appliances or overfilled waste disposal areas that could result in an unnecessary blaze. A fire watch guard can then offer guidance and assistance to clear these hazards, helping to make your premises safe. 

2. Maintain Fire Safety Equipment

Fire watch security personnel can check your systems, ensuring they are in a serviceable condition at all times. This is a vital task as your fire safety equipment could suffer wear and tear between supplier inspections, so this extra vigilance provides your business with an added layer of protection. 

3. Perform Fire Patrols

Whether you own an office block or have an outdoor worksite, performing fire watch security duties is essential. Your buildings can deteriorate over time, and wires could become exposed and become a safety hazard.

In an out-of-doors environment, it’s easy for staff to leave work items in areas where they could heat up and become a danger. A vigilant fire guard can remove these risks and increase security.

An experienced guard will also ensure all evacuation routes are clear and accessible. 

4. Effective Emergency Response

A fire watch security officer has extensive training and may also have prior experience of fire outbreaks. It is natural for employees to panic when there are flames or smoke, but a fire security guard will keep a cool head and guide people to a safe location. This service can be particularly vital if you have a large workforce spread over a significantly-sized area.

5. Accurate Record-Keeping

Top-class fire watch security services will update your records so you can evaluate your fire safety procedures at any time. This overview of your current practices and policies can help you maximize your fire safety resources to protect your staff and property.

Contact Guards On-Call for Your Fire Watch Security Guard Needs

By having a skilled and experienced fire watch security guard on your premises, you can greatly reduce the risk of a fire outbreak on your property. A trained professional will identify and rectify potential fire hazards, maintain your safety equipment, and help your staff in the affair of an emergency. 

At Guards On Call, we provide the highest caliber of fire watch security guard personnel. This allows your staff to get on with their jobs, secure in the knowledge a professional is looking after their safety. 

For a consultation and a free quote, contact the Guards On-Call team today.



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