3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Security Guard for your Dallas TX Home or Business

Have you ever worked in a high-risk environmentOr perhaps, have been in a situation where you had to contend with thieves or vandals? If so, you’re aware how vital it is to make sure you are protected when threat are imminentThey’re common concerns, especially for businesses whose property or  opportunistic criminals could target goods. If you’re a business owner or in a firm and are worried about the possibility of vandalism, theft, or other security risks, hiring a security guard business could be the most appropriate option. Security guards can assist in deterring suspected intruders from entering and can alert authorities in case of emergencyNo matter if your business is small or large, be sure to consider three points before hiring security guards on your Dallas, TX home or business.

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Know Your Roles

When selecting a security company, ensure that you are aware of your duties. If you hire an unlicensed security professional, you could be held accountable for any misdeed or omissionFor example, if you hired a security guard to shoot a fleeing suspect and then shoot a fleeing suspect, you could be held accountable for their actions when you employed an unlicensed contractor. If you contract with a guard company with licensed guards, you’ll have a better chance at protectionGuards who are licensed are trained in how to use force and must be able to follow strict rulesInquire with the security guard company to verify if they have licensed guards in the Red Bird Addition, TX area.

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Hire licensed guards

It’s important to check the state-issued licenses are issued to the security guards you choose to hireA license shows that the guard has passed the background check, but it also signifies that they’ve been through a state-approved training course. When you hire a security guard, you should be aware of the specifics of the guard’s jobIn accordance with your particular needs there may be security guards who are trained in crowd control or one who is proficient in driving.

Learn More About Safety Measures

After you’ve identified a security guard company that employs certified guards, you must also be aware of their safety proceduresFor example, do the guards wear pepper sprays or TasersWhat is the number of guards who are present at one moment? While it’s essential to maintain the security of customers, it’s also important to be mindful to be aware of rightsFor instance, if your state requires that two security guards be on the premises at all times for your company, choosing a company that provides only one guard could lead you in hot water. In addition, if hiring security guards for your home, the type of guards you choose could have a significant impact on your family’s safetyFor instance, some guards specialize in child safety They could also be friendly if you’ve got small children.

Be aware of the different types of Guards

When you hire a security company, you should also find out about the various kinds of guards available. While certain guards are trained to have more aggressionsome are trained in de-escalation. If you’re looking for security guards for your residence, you may want to choose security guards who have been trained in de-escalation. This is especially true when you have young children or a babyIt would help if you be sure to notify your security company of any special needs or medical health issues that family members of yours have. This includes disabilities, allergies or any other issues that require special attention.

Find Reputation along with References

Last but not least, make sure you check the reputation of any security guard company that you are considering hiring. It’s as easy as searching for the company online or asking aroundYou can also find out whether the security guards company is licensed and if it employs licensed guards by contacting the local State Department of Public Safety. If you’re hiring security personnel for your business, you should also check for references. This can be done by contacting similar companies to yours, or ask your coworkers for recommendations.


When hiring security guards in the security of your Dallas, TX, home, or business, you should always be certain to verify references and inquire about the reputation of the company. This will enable you to identify a company that provides reliable and trustworthy security guardsIt is also possible to see guards’ credentials and ask what safety measures are in placeSelecting the right security guard firm for your family or company should be easy with these things in your mind.